30+ Attractive Teal Ideas To Wear This Fall Asap

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It is hard to believe, but summer is nearly over and we are rapidly approaching the fall season. One of the best things about the change in seasons is the ability to craft and create new decorations with representations of the season. Many fall projects include the use of leaves and flowers that bloom in this season. A common favorite project of crafters is to take either dried flowers or fake flowers and leaves to create a beautiful decorative wreath to place in your home or on your front door. Many people make these wreaths for their own homes and also for family members and friends. If you have wanted to learn how to make these wreaths but have no idea where to start, here are a few simple tips that will have you displaying your work of art in no time.

What You Need to Begin

There are few things that you need to make a wreath. The first is a wreath frame. Many people use grapevine wreaths as they tend to look elegant when the flowers and leaves are displayed upon them. Others use wire frames and completely fill out the frame with their decor of choice. To start off, especially if this is your first wreath project, a pre-made wreath structure will work best.

Once you have selected your wreath structure, it is time to pick out your decor. If you have collected leaves and flowers to dry out, you can use these, otherwise a large selection of appropriate foliage can be found at your local arts and crafts store. Be sure to buy enough to cover your wreath. If you are left with extras, you can use them to decorate around the area where you display your wreath for a cohesive look.

Now it is time to construct the wreath. Start by playing with the foliage and determining where you want them to be placed on your wreath. Once you have created a pattern that is desirable, you can begin to glue them to your structure one at a time. Be careful and take your time otherwise you run the risk of having to start over or worse, ruining your foliage and wreath structure. For this task, just about any type of adhesive will do and you can find a variety of choices at your local stores as well.

Once you have completed your design, allow the decor to dry according to the directions on the adhesive. When it is dry, you can proudly show it off to your friends and family and bask in the glow of your first completed project.

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