40+ Creative Fall Outfit Ideas For Women To Try

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The designers are releasing their Pre-Fall 2012 collections. Although not all of the major designers have unveiled their collections, some trends are already occurring on the runway. Here they are in random order:


Finally! The acid bright days have died already. Time to channel your old western side and go rustic in your selection of colors (think of rust red, brown barks and camel tones, if you are still having difficulty, think of the colors of the fall!). Not only does this give you a more down to earth yet structured theme, it also prepares you for the coming chill ahead! (Fact: Warm and dark colors keep you warm better than lighter tones.)

3.  Gray is the new black

Gray is back in fashion. After a very long AWOL, the fashion industry has revived the love for the color gray to bring back a sense of sophistication and grounding that the runways have been missing. If you have been observing, 2018 has always been about the outrageous, sometimes eye-cringing outfits, 2019 seems to be calming down. Another off-shoot trend from this is that there is a boom for corporate-looking outfits and straight cut silhouettes.

3.  Texture, Texture, Texture

As the chill sweeps in, settle and snuggle in with your thick, warm, textured wardrobe in earth and autumn tones. Coats, skirts and tops are mostly looking thick or bulky in most Pre-Fall 2019 collections. However, this trend is a little bit tricky, specifically for the curvy types as it adds more volume. So make sure that you wear this trend to where you need to add a little thickness.

4. That’s a LINE!

This is not only about the stripes. It is about straight lines that go across the body both horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Ladies rejoice! More ways for you to feel sexy as these lines accentuate curves. It can also help minimize or maximize any body part that needs it. This is also great for women who wishes to elongate their torsos!


We can never underestimate the power of a pair of legs that goes on forever – or even just great legs in general! This trend is a great award for the conservatives who want to add a little spice in their wardrobe. A small peek-a-boo from the slit will do you just fine. Flaunt your walkers and leave a little mystery with this season’s trend of slits on the skirts.

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