40+ Incredible Makeup Looks Ideas For Brides To Try This Season

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Whatever the occasion, makeup can enhance or destroy your look. If you get it right, the overall look can be amazing; get it wrong and it all looks like an artificial mess. For a bride to be all these considerations are multiplied in importance so as to look as beautiful as possible on the big day.

One of the major mistakes brides tend to make is to wear no or very little makeup. Even if a bride is lucky enough to have a gorgeous natural look, it would still make sense to wear a little. There will likely be no other day when you will be photographed more than your wedding day, and covering up slight blemishes will help you treasure those photos the rest of your life.

If on a day-to-day basis you are not used to wearing makeup, when the day comes you seriously need to consider getting a professional to do the work for you. Take advantage of their skills as artists.

For a lighter look, they would apply makeup lightly, with a sheer foundation topped with a powder to make your skin look flawless. A light touch of mascara and the look is finished. Their goal is not to make you look plastic, but to just cover up slight imperfections, and smooth out the skin, highlighting your eyes and smile.

On the other side of the coin, avoid too much. Brides are often talked into adding as much makeup as a stage performer. If it seems like you have slightly too much on, you have way too much on.

Finally, remember to take the weather and ambient heat into account. If your lucky day promises to be a hot one, keep the makeup as light as possible so it does not run or cake. Remember you will be standing there in front of two entire families and their friends; you are going to be hot.

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