40+ Relaxing Chunky Knit Outfit Ideas To Warm You During Cold Weather

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The most delicate threads available on the market, lace weight yarns are soft, beautiful and light, and make for some of the most stunning garments and accessories. Although not suited for clothing that will receive a lot of wear and tear, items made from this weight of yarn can be fantastic in more delicate items of clothing and to accent an outfit.

One of the best – and most conventional – ways to work with lace weight yarns is by knitting them into shawls and ponchos. There are plenty of patterns available in books and online for these kinds of garments, with a huge variety of styles available to suit every taste and occasion.

As this feather-weight yarn is very delicate, it can be crafted into arrange of different and very intricate patterns, including leaves, flowers, geometric and other very fine designs. For a shawl or a poncho that really turns heads, choose a pattern that showcases this yarn’s exceptionally fine nature, for example by knitting a design that features falling leaves or waves.

A second fantastic project for knitting with lace weight yarns is using them for scarves. Whereas heavier yarns are fantastic for creating chunky garments for winter, this more delicate thread is great for knitting exquisite carves that are suitable for seasons with warmer weather, such as in spring or autumn.

They are also make a great accessory for a dress on an evening out, or can even spice up a simple casual outfit for a day out shopping or visiting friends.
A third project to embark on is knitting light summer clothing, which this more ‘ethereal’ yarn is particularly suited to. Although care has to be taken when wearing these delicate knit items, they can make for unusual pieces that add a very feminine touch to an outfit.

One idea for a summer piece of clothing to make out of this yarn weight is a lacy tank top that can be worn over a cotton tank in a contrasting colour. As with the shawls mentioned above, this look works exceptionally well when making the most of the wool’s fine nature, incorporating designs such as leaves, flowers or other intricate patterns.

As a fourth idea, for a thicker and more substantial garment, it is possible to combine the delicacy of lace weight yarns with heavier materials to create a unique blended look. This can be achieved by creating the body of a garment in a thicker thread, and then using lace stitches in a light yarn to knit the sleeves.

Another idea is to ‘block’ certain parts of a garment and knit them from different thicknesses of yarn weight. The slightly transparent appearance of knitted lace weight yarns can work well across the shoulders or along the bottom hem of a garment. Yarn colours can be matched or contrasted for a harmonious or a striking look.

A final knitting idea for lace weight yarns is using them to create accessories such as wristlets, bookmarks and table runners. These dainty threads lend themselves perfectly to smaller-scale projects such as these, and make a unique alternative to shop bought items.

As this weight of yarn is ideal for creating stunning patterns and designs with, it is perfect for creating petite accessories where a particular pattern or design can be showcased. This is also a great idea for those that are getting to grips with this yarn weight for the first time, as a smaller project can help them work up the complexity of a shawl or a summer t-shirt or tank top.

Here are just five ideas for using lace weight yarns in your knitting projects. Although a sometimes difficult thickness of yarn to work with, the results can be absolutely phenomenal – whether you settle on a poncho project or a simple wrist let one instead.

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