40+ Superb Winter Outfit Ideas That You Must Try This Season

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The colors of colder weather lean towards navy blue, chocolate brown, dark grey and black. However, just because the weather outside is dark and drear, it does not mean your wardrobe has to be! Add some life and brightness to your autumn outfits by incorporation the more vibrant colors of spring and summer. Here are a few solutions to keep your wardrobe lively and bright all through the bleary days of fall and winter.

  • Wear a Brightly Colored Winter Hat – An easy way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe is to wear a hat! Bowler hats are a classic style that come in a multitude of textures, fabrics and hues. One made of angora wool in a bright cherry red would surely make a statement. A sunny yellow newsboy cap would also be an excellent choice.Wrap a Patterned Scarf or Shawl – Pashmina wool scarves and shawls are a wonderful way to update your winter outfit! These wraps come in every color and pattern imaginable. Bring spring back with a floral printed scarf! Be brave with a bright pink leopard print shawl draped over your shoulders!


  • Wear Jewel Toned Earrings, Bracelets, or Necklaces – Jewelry is the easiest way to add some pizzazz to an ensemble. If you find yourself wearing an outfit with muted shades, do not be afraid to punch up the color with your jewelry! Kelly green and gold fringe earrings are a nice summer touch. Fuschia beaded statement necklaces look amazing in contrast with a knitted grey sweater.


  • Carry a Handbag or Tote in a Spring Color – This is a great way to bring a touch of warmer weather to these cooler months! If your outfit is mostly grey or camel colored, carry a hot pink ostrich print handbag and wear a soft pink tube scarf! Or carry a yellow or orange handbag and wear some citrus colored earrings!


  • Use a Glittering Clutch purse – Clutch purses can add a bit of warm weather glam to your fancy fall outfit. These little purses are like candy in your closet. They are so tiny, versatile, and come in many colors and styles! If you pair an orange minaudiere with your little black dress and some leopard print heels, you will be sure to be the center of attention!

Keep in mind that just one piece in a bright color will not warm up your entire outfit. It will just draw attention to the one piece. The key to pulling off this look is balance and moderation. Make sure you have at least two pops of color to tie it all together. Be brave and experiment with what works for you. Remember, fashion is about expressing your true self!

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