40+ Attractive Summer Table Setting Ideas For Your Wedding To Try

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Weddings – in June or any other time – celebrate traditions important to family and friends.

Vintage china, carefully selected to complement a wedding theme, can add meaning and beauty to your engagement party, rehearsal dinner or a wedding banquet. If the wedding will feature a big dinner, consider using vintage dinnerware on the head table where closest family and friends will sit.

Today’s wedding themes almost endless. Here are a few major categories:

  • A cultural theme, such as Irish, Polish, English, African or Jewish
  • A location theme, like the beach or seashore, forest, garden
  • A seasonal theme, like Halloween, Christmas, summer or autumn
  • A special interests theme, like historical periods, fairytale, western or romantic

There are themes to suit every couple’s taste and situation. To select vintage dishes to use as part of your table settings:

  • Start with the theme. It can be simple as particular colors or flowers, or complex as Victorian or Cinderella.
  • Identify the motifs that go with the theme, such as sea shells for a beach theme, or sunflowers for a summer or country theme wedding.
  • Search on the Internet under keywords that go with your selections, like “vintage garden china,” “vintage rose dinnerware” or “vintage leaf dishes” to identify some patterns to complement your theme.

Here are some examples of vintage patterns selected by following this process:

  • Floral patterns that echo the wedding flowers, like Tudor Rose by Style House, Snow Lily by Lenox or Heirloom by Pfaltzgraff.
  • Mom and Dad’s wedding china pattern, like Softly by Noritake or Wild Strawberry by Wedgwood.
  • China with the words wedding or bridal in the name of the pattern, like Wedding Band by Mikasa or Bridal Rose by Celebrity.
  • Dinnerware made in a location that is special to the bride and groom, such as Rheinstone by Arklow (Ireland) or Botanic Garden by Portmeirion (England).
  • A funky, 1970s china pattern for a retro theme wedding, like Floral by Franciscan, Hearts of Gold by Iroquois, or patterns in the Cerastone line by Mikasa.

Select your patterns, acquire the pieces, and one more element of the upcoming wedding celebration is completed.

Dishes don’t have to match to make your table setting shine. Use old and new together to make the setting attractive and unique. The secret to combining different pieces is to keep one color and one type of dinnerware (such as fine china, ironstone, stoneware or earthenware) predominant. Let the odd pieces shine as accents.

  • If you have dinner plates alone, use smaller pieces (bread or salad plates, also cups and saucers) in colors that repeat a color from the dinner plate.
  • Perhaps you have the dinner plates with bread plates to match. Pull a color or motif out of the dinner plate pattern (such as leaf or flower) when choosing the other pieces for the place setting.
  • Maybe you have all the pieces except the soup bowls. Choose a dinnerware that harmonizes in color (whether pastel or bold). They’ll look great!
  • Try complementary colors in glassware to go with your china or pottery dinnerware. For example, yellow or red glass cups and plates bring out the charm in your blue and white china.
  • And of course, white goes with everything!

There are many ways to mix and match vintage dinnerware to complement your wedding theme. Using old and new china patterns together can add style and individuality to your wedding parties, and make a special day even more memorable.

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