40+ Marvelous Summer Outfits Ideas To Try Asap

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It’s a razor thin line between summertime casual and summertime catastrophe. Follow these tips on what not to wear in your women’s summer outfit to stay on fashion’s good side.

Heavy Metal Overload

A silver kitten heel sandal or shimmery gold tank is utterly fetching against sun-kissed skin, but steer clear of wearing head to toe metallic. Although you may successfully conduct heat with your ensemble, you may be mistaken for a huge roll of aluminum foil…or a rejected Dancing With the Stars contestant.

Sheepskin boots? Ugh!

When the snow is falling, there’s nothing better than a pair of sheepskin boots to warm the tootsies. Tragically, what began as wintertime wear has become ubiquitous footwear for legions of otherwise stylish gals. Many celebrities have been spotted on the beaches and streets of Los Angeles in the middle of the summer, nearly naked except for their Uggs. Consider this travesty from a practical side if you must-a foot with no sock, encased in sheepskin and wool, in 90 degree weather? Ugh!

I See London, I See France

…but do you really want every single person who works in your office building to see your underpants? Summer is the perfect time to don your favorite pair of crisp white pants. Before you go skipping out of the house in your sassy white Capri pants, here’s a little test: after you slide into those white pants, look in the mirror. I mean really concentrate, paying close attention to your derrière. If there is any color, pattern, or lettering showing through the pants, you might just as well leave them at home in the closet and go about your daily activities in your knickers, because that’s all people will be staring and snickering at anyways.

Getting Cheeky

There’s a time and place for short shorts. The time is between your 18th and 21st birthday, and the place is Daytona Beach during spring break or serving drinks at Hooters. If you don’t fall within this magic area, your shorts simply must cover your bum cheeks. If your rear looks as if it’s hungrily devouring your short shorts, you had better be serving chicken wings and beer to rowdy customers or winning first place in the “hottest buns” contest.

Sure, summertime is time to kick back and relax. The heat can make us all a little crazy, but that doesn’t mean your summer outfits should drive everyone around you nuts.

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