40+ Unusual Summer Outfits Ideas Of Fashionista Maria Turiel

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The influencer María Turiel has become a benchmark of style and creator of trends capable of increasing the sale of products and strengthening fashion campaigns when they go out. Take hundreds of followers on Instagram , the most top social network of the moment and with a view to growing together as time goes by.

María Turiel has created her own style and has made fashion a way of life where fashion is everything. Perhaps with this phrase you think that it is something artificial but if you stop to listen to it, you change your mind and understand everything. Simply through clothes she expresses her mood and conveys to the world how she feels every day. Beyond dressing every morning and going outside with clothes, is to show what you are passionate about at the time, despite the fact that many people think it is something frivolous.

Many designers throughout history have shared this theory and María Turiel, a fan of literature and devours books by nature, has soaked all of them thus communicating to her faithful followers her vision of art. And yes, it is that fashion is art when we speak that a person is able to design a unique model from nothing, with different fabrics and materials and an execution in meticulous and careful sewing, letting himself be carried away by his imagination and creativity.

Fashion Is The Expression That Defines Me

The beauty of fashion is to be able to convey your mood, concerns and tastes through it. And so does María Turiel (or Mery) every morning upon waking up. As she always says, “fashion is the expression that defines her” and when she chooses a look, she plays with colors, fabrics, style and prints according to how inspired she is when opening the closet.

María Turiel: all about her

María Turiel is the top influencer of the moment in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector , where it has been shown to reach a more than relevant audience. If you want to read another article where María Turiel appears, take a look at my previous post about the 15 best-known Spanish instagramers.

Elegant and versatile at the same time although its tastes are so eclectic that one day you see it in black and the next day full of color.

If I had to keep something of fashion, it would be to be able to associate clothes with memories and places.

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