40+ Adorable Tulle Skirt Wedding Gown Ideas To Try Right Now

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It often happens that a bride finds a wedding dress which she really likes, but feels is missing something. The answer? Start with that gown as a base, and add your own special unique details until you have the wedding dress of your dreams. It is not nearly as intimidating as it sounds at first. Here are some wonderful suggestions to how to customize your wedding gown.

The absolute number one requirement for a bridal gown is that it flatters your figure more than any other dress you have ever worn. If you find a gown that makes you look like a million bucks and another gown that has all the details you like, but does not do your figure justice, you must choose the flattering dress! Then use the details from the other one as inspiration for transforming the first bridal gown into your vision. Sound hard? A good seamstress can make it happen, within reason of course.

One very pretty way to customize a bridal gown is to add lace embellishments. Take a wide piece of border lace and wrap it around the midsection of a simple silk A-line gown. Layer on a ribbon or sash to define and accentuate the waist, and you will have a beautiful classic style with a minimum of effort. Another lovely way to use lace to personalize your wedding gown is in the form of appliques. They can be large or small, heavy Alencon lace or wispy Chantilly, and appliques can be added to almost any part of a wedding gown, even over lightweight fabrics like tulle or organza. Lightly scatter lace appliques over the skirt of a wedding dress for a feminine touch or create a formal style with an elaborate deep lace hem. If you are wearing crystal bridal jewelry, think about adding a touch of crystal beading to the lace to make it even more fabulous.

Speaking of crystals, they are one of the most popular embellishments to add to a wedding gown. Want a quick way to add drama to the back of your dress? Add a row of mirror backed crystal buttons. They can go just to the waistline, or flow all the way down the the end of the train for even more drama. The buttons need not work, so this can be a very easy project with major impact. A pre-made crystal beaded trim makes a beautiful addition to the neckline or waist of a wedding gown. Or use this sparkly embellishment to dress up plain spaghetti straps. When adding a jeweled accent to your dress, be sure to coordinate it with your crystal bridal jewelry.

A great way to really change the appearance of a dress is to add an overlayer to the skirt. This is a fairly major project, but it can yield equally major dividends. A sheer organza over a stiffer fabric will transform a standard gown into something much more soft and summery (a great idea if you are wearing your sister or mother’s gown and want to dramatically alter its appearance). A few layers of gauzy tulle would add a lovely ethereal effect to a gown. You might also think adding a bit of soft color when layering fabrics. The only limit is your creativity.

From feathers to colored embroidery, the possibilities for customizing your wedding gown go on and on. Whether you want to add a little pop or really change the look of the dress, it can be a lot of fun to add your own embellishments. Best of all, when you finish personalizing your wedding gown, you will know that it is truly one of a kind – just like you.

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