40+ Beautiful Girly Outfit Ideas That Looks So Charming

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Girls are different from boys. This is manifested in so many ways beginning from their habits, likes, dislikes, characteristics, physical traits, and the list goes on. Therefore, it is likely that boys tend to hang out with other boys and girls stick to their own kind as well. One good and easily recognizable instance where these sexes differ from each other is their fashion sense. Boys tend to lean on the darker hues while girls such as their girl’s t-shirts are colored with girly bright colors.

Of course this is not always the case. Unlike the old times, presently, both sexes can enjoy wearing clothes colored in unlikely colors that are of the opposite sex’s preference. Boys’ t-shirts today can be colored in all bright shades such as pink, yellow and other reddish hues. Girls t-shirts on the other hand are seen colored in dark colors usually seen in boys. These colors can be dark shades of blue or black, grey or brown.

The standard colors for each sex, however, are: dark shades for boys to represent masculinity and bright shades for girls to represent femininity. This is the reason why girls are always seen in dresses, girls t-shirts and even accessories and shoes that are colored in shades of pink, red, purple, orange and many others. The patterns also lean on the soft, floral, and delicate designs, shapes and silhouettes.

Girls have different types of clothes for every season. However, the colors they choose are still those basic feminine shades. In the summer, girls like to wear thin fabrics designed after trendy dresses, girls t-shirts, shorts, skirts and so forth. They would pair these with flip flops, sandals and other footwear that’s breezy and light to wear. Colors of the summer are usually those of earth tone shades, floral colors, and bright hues.

By fall and winter, girls tend to lean for a heavier and thicker fabric. Obviously, this is to protect them from the harsh and biting cold weather. The usual outfits during this season for girls are sweaters, trench coats, fur coats, and other winter-appropriate accessories such as smitten, ear puffs, and more. They also do some piles of under clothing such as girls t-shirts, long sleeves and sweaters and top them off with fashionable coats.

Footwear for girls during winter and fall are those which give complete protection and warmth against the cold weather. Boots, moccasins, and some good sneakers or rubber shoes are good choices. Usually, they wear stockings and leggings for further protection. The colors of choice during this season are feminine but a bit darker. From girl’s t-shirts, coats, leggings and shoes; they can be colored brown, grey and other gloomy shades.

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