40+ Creative Japanese Wedding Dress Ideas For Your Inspiration To Try

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If you are a woman of Japanese heritage or marrying a man who is Japanese, you will want to consider following at least some of the traditions of Japanese culture in your wedding ceremony and reception. Wearing a Japanese wedding dress can be a good way to honor tradition in your celebration of marriage. Every culture has its own customs and traditions associated with weddings. The Japanese wedding dress is only one way among many for you to incorporate the history and culture of the Japanese people in your wedding ceremony and reception celebration.

You may want to think about selecting a date that holds cultural or family significance for your wedding. In Japanese tradition, the right date for a wedding is seen to bring luck and grace to the bride and groom. You may also want to consider traditional Japanese foods and decorations for your reception. The wedding accessories in a traditional Japanese wedding are steeped in tradition and cultural significance. For those who wish to have a very traditional Japanese wedding, you will need to do some research and understand the role of various traditional objects carried by the bride and groom in wedding ceremonies. For those whose family is still quite involved in the cultural heritage of the Japanese people, this should be any easy task to achieve. For those whose family is not as strong in tradition, you may want to do research on your own or hire a wedding advisor who is well versed in traditional Japanese culture.

The traditional Japanese bride is painted white prior to the wedding ceremony. This is thought to bring prosperity to the bride. This ancient tradition has been replaced by the wearing of a white gown instead. Japanese wedding gowns are kimonos, usually primarily white, though they can include small fashion motifs of different colors. Many modern Japanese women have opted for a different style of dress, leaving the kimono to those with more traditional tastes. The modern Japanese wedding dress often incorporates the styles of the kimono with more contemporary dress designs, creating a hybrid dress rich in tradition and high in modern fashion attributes.

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