40+ Cute Stich Fix Style Inspirations Ideas For You To Try

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There are times in all our lives, when we find ourselves frantically pulling outfits from the wardrobe, feeling uncomfortable in each and every outfit we try on, and it doesn’t set you up well for the day. Try keeping one or two of these wondrous items in your wardrobe, which are guaranteed to instantly fix and flatter your figure.

Straight Leg Trousers

If you have a pear shaped body and don’t feel comfortable wearing skinny trousers, then straight leg trousers are a great alternative. These trousers are an instant slimming fix, as they will make your curves look even more fantastic, and will accentuate your bottom. They also work wonders for smaller ladies, as they will give the appearance of a taller frame. Team your straight leg trousers up with a pair of gorgeous heels, for an even more balanced, and fabulous look. If you don’t have a curvaceous body, but more of a straight shape, then it may be best to avoid straight leg trousers, as they will not enhance your body shape. This shape, however, will look fabulous in a pair of skinnies.

A Line Skirt

A Line Skirts are those which are wider at the bottom half, compared to the top half, and will fix the figure of almost any type of body shape. The A Line Skirt manages to balance out slender frames, by giving the impression of a curvaceous shape, whilst minimising the hips and curves of those with a larger bottom half. It’s all about choosing the right style to suit your shape, so as a general rule, pear shapes should stick to the one colour, whereas apple shapes can experiment with different designs and patterned A-Line Skirts. The length of the skirt is also highly important, and those which sit below the knee will look great if you have slim legs. This dark grey flock pattern a line skirt is in a flattering dark colour but has a pattern to add some interest.

Empire Line Dress

The Empire Line Dress is simple, elegant, and an essential for all female wardrobes. As trendy now as it has been in previous years, the empire line dress is one which will instantly fix your figure, particularly if you have a curvy bottom half. The style shows off your top half, but skims the bottom half, concealing any unwanted lumps and bumps. This short sleeved blue empire line shift dress is a beautiful cut which is incredibly flattering.

Black Tights and Shoes

Black colours always work as an instant slimmer, so teaming up a dress or skirt with black tights and shoes, will easily take inches of your bottom half. Tights also help to control any lumps and bulges around this area, by pulling everything into place, and helping create an equal weight distribution throughout the body.

Tunic Top

Tunic Tops are very stylish this season, and are great for any type of body shape. The style is quite loose, and sits below the waist, making it ideal for covering up a multitude of sins. The designs of the tunic top are vast, and if you have a slender figure, they will look great teamed up with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans.

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